Anisha Bai

Nanny/ Babysitter
18000 / month
January 1, 1992

About Candidate

Hello, I’m Anisha Bai, an enthusiastic and compassionate babysitter from Chhattisgarh with a genuine love for children. I am married and currently call Gurgaon my home. I am actively seeking a part-time (10-12 hours) babysitting position in this wonderful city. I believe that caring for and nurturing young minds is not just a job but a calling. With 17 years of experience in childcare, I have had the privilege of watching children grow, learn, and explore the world around them.

I understand that as a parent, your time is valuable, and I am here to offer you the flexibility and peace of mind that comes with reliable part-time childcare. Whether it’s assisting with homework, organizing creative activities, or simply being a caring presence, I am dedicated to making a positive impact on your child’s life.

I am sincerely excited about the opportunity to join your family and play a meaningful role in nurturing your child’s well-being and development. Your consideration for this crucial position means a lot, and I’m eager to make a positive impact on your family’s life. Thank you for considering me for this role.

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Feeding, Diapering, And Bathing
Cleaning Utensils Of Baby, Washing Clothes Of Baby
Preparing Meals For Baby
Preparing Baby For Sleep & Taking Baby For A Walk
Toilet Training & Activity Planning