Binita Toppo

Nanny / Babysitter
19000 / month
June 5, 1996

About Candidate

Hello, I’m Binita Toppo, happily married and currently living in Nathupur. Originally from Jharkhand, I have an impressive 10 years of experience as a babysitter. Now, I’m looking for a full-time job (10/12 hrs.) in the Nathupur area for easy commuting. I’m good with taking care of children aged 3 months and older, and my focus is on creating a safe and nurturing environment. 

I want to mention that I will require two days off every month. These days can be pre-planned to minimize any impact on my work schedule. I believe it’s essential to maintain a healthy work-life balance and stay connected with loved ones. I look forward to the chance to be part of your family and work together.

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Feeding, Diapering, And Bathing
Cleaning Utensils And Washing Clothes Of Baby
Preparing Meals For Baby
Preparing Baby For Sleep & Taking Baby For A Walk