Mareshatela Minj

Cook, Housemaid
20000 / month
January 1, 1987

About Candidate

Hello, I’m Mareshatela Minj, originally from Chhattisgarh and currently residing in Delhi. I am a married individual actively seeking a full-time live-in (24 hrs) position as a cook cum house help. My job search is focused on opportunities in the Gurgaon area. With a profound passion for both cooking and maintaining a clean, organized household, I am enthusiastic about contributing to your home. In the kitchen, I take immense pride in crafting delicious, nutritious meals tailored to your specific tastes and preferences. Whether it’s your everyday family dinners or special occasions, I prioritize using fresh ingredients to create a diverse array of flavorful dishes. Beyond my culinary skills, I am dedicated to ensuring that your living environment remains tidy and welcoming. Whether it involves cleaning, laundry, or other household chores, I approach my work with diligence and professionalism. My ultimate aim is to simplify your life, affording you more quality time to spend with your loved ones.

I would like to mention that I plan to take two days off every month. I firmly believe in maintaining a healthy work-life balance and nurturing connections with loved ones. I am genuinely thrilled about the opportunity to collaborate with you and your family, contributing to the well-being and development of your children. I eagerly look forward to this journey ahead.

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North Indian, And South Indian
Kitchen Maintenance & Grocery Shopping
General Household Work