Vimla Devi

Housemaid, Cook
15000 / month
January 1, 1985

About Candidate

Hello, I’m Vimla Devi, an enthusiastic and compassionate housemaid cum cook from Uttarakhand. I am married and currently call Gurgaon my home.  I am looking for a full-time job (10-12 hours) as a housemaid cum cook in Gurgaon. With a keen eye for cleanliness and organization, I ensure that your home is a welcoming and orderly space. My attention to detail extends to every corner of your house, making it a comfortable and inviting place to live. In the kitchen, I possess fundamental cooking skills and can prepare simple, wholesome meals. I prioritize using fresh and nutritious ingredients to create delicious dishes suitable for daily family dining.

I understand the demands of a busy household, and I am here to ease your daily responsibilities by seamlessly managing housekeeping and basic cooking tasks. I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to your household, allowing you to focus on what matters most. If you’re looking for a dependable housemaid with basic cooking skills who can bring cleanliness and simple meal preparation to your home, I would be honored to join your family.

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Sweeping And Mopping
Dusting, And Cleaning Utensils
Ironing Clothes, And Helping In The Kitchen
Kitchen Maintenance & Grocery Shopping
North Indian