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Nanny / Babysitter

Important Responsibilities of a Baby Sitter

Parents who employ a babysitter in Gurgaon expect that the individual will have the knowledge and experience to perform the basic tasks that will allow the parents to confidently leave their child with them.
Below are some important things you need to know while opting for nanny services in Gurgaon:
Safety : Parents expect that their babysitter will, above all, keep their child safe. Most baby-care takers provided by leading companies have familiarity with first-aid techniques.
Emergency Preparations: They make a list of emergency phone numbers that they can carry with them at all times. These personal numbers include cell phone numbers, neighbour’s numbers and numbers of family members whom they can call in case of an emergency.
Activities: They spend quality time with the children whom they babysit and facilitate activities which develop the children’s physical skills and provide exercise and fresh air for the children. To give them an opportunity to play and interact with other youngsters, babysitters should prepare to take the children outside on walks or to parks.
Build Trust: They create a bond with the children when they babysit. They also create or participate in activities that are age-appropriate for the children and which the children enjoy. This includes playing games, chatting, reading books aloud and engaging the children in enjoyable interactions. Morning updates: Good nannies will always update parents as to whether the child has started potty training or teething when they opt for nanny services in Gurgaon? In a way, they update you about small developments that the baby is making ad whether there is a problem that needs to be addressed. It’s a small to know that your nanny is going in fully armed and ready for anything the day throws at her. Always know, a nanny is not simply an employee, she’ll become an integrated part of your child’s life, and yours too with time.

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