Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions (“Terms”) govern the utilization of the services offered through the website (www.hirehelpz.com) (collectively referred to as the “Platform”), as well as the services provided on or through the Platform (referred to collectively as the “Services”). The Terms also incorporate our privacy policy available at www.hirehelpz.com/privacy-policy, along with any additional guidelines, terms, policies, and disclaimers issued from time to time (“Supplemental Terms”). The Privacy Policy and Supplemental Terms are integral parts of these Terms. In case of any conflict between these Terms and the Supplemental Terms regarding the applicable Services, the Supplemental Terms will take precedence.

These Terms constitute a legally binding agreement between Workforce Connect India Private Limited and its affiliates (referred to as “Hire Help,” “we,” “us,” or “our”) and you, whether as a user of the Services or a legal entity booking Services on behalf of end-users (referred to as “you,” “user,” or “customer”). By using the Services, you acknowledge that you have the legal capacity and authority to accept and be bound by these Terms. If you are representing another individual or entity, you warrant that you have the requisite authority to bind them to these Terms.

By submitting our web form to book the Services, you agree to receive promotional calls and communications at the provided number. Please note that such communications and SMS may be facilitated through a third-party platform.

1. The Services Encompass

1.2 Offering a technological platform that enables subscription-based arrangements for services such as nannies, babysitters, housemaids, and cooks, connecting users with independent third-party service providers commonly referred to as “Helpers”.

1.3 The term “helper services” refers to the services provided by helpers, such as nannies, babysitters, housemaids, cooks, and other similar services. It is important to note that “Services” specifically refer to the services provided by Hire Help, not the helper services. Hire Help solely offers the Services and is not responsible for providing the helper services. Helpers are exclusively responsible for the helper services they provide, and any recourse regarding the helper services lies with the helper(s). Hire Help and its affiliates do not employ helpers, and helpers are not agents, contractors, or partners of Hire Help. Helpers cannot represent or bind Hire Help in any manner. The terms of the helper services are subject to an agreement between you and the helper.

1.4 The Platform is intended for personal, non-commercial use unless an alternate arrangement is agreed upon between you and through a separate arrangement. Please be aware that the platform is specifically designed for use within India.

1.5 As part of the Services, you will receive messages through various channels such as text, WhatsApp, the Hire Help platform, email, etc. These messages serve different purposes, including updates on your bookings, subscriptions, and usage of the Services, as well as promotional and marketing communications.

1.6 In certain circumstances, you may be required to furnish proof of identification to access the Services or helper services, and you agree to abide by this requirement. Failure to comply may result in your inability to use the services or helper services, and you may be banned from accessing the services.

2. Booking

2.1 To access the Services, you must make a booking on the platform. During the booking process, you may need to provide certain information, including your address, household details, phone number, and family size. You must be at least 18 years old to access the services.

2.2 You warrant that the information you provide during the booking is accurate and truthful. You agree to promptly update your booking information if any changes occur.

2.3 You are responsible for ensuring the security and confidentiality of your personal information, and you must promptly notify us of any unauthorized use or disclosure of your account or any security breach.

2.4 By using the Services, you agree to receive communications from us, which may include payment requests, details about the Services, promotional offers, and Service-related notifications.

3. Bookings and Subscriptions

3.1 Booking Orders: Through the Platform, you can request helper services on a subscription basis for various durations, such as 2 months, 6 months, or 11 months. To make a booking, simply follow the instructions provided on the Platform, input the necessary information, and complete the payment of the applicable booking fees. Upon successful booking, you will receive confirmation via different communication channels.

3.2 Helper Confirmation: Once a suitable helper is identified based on your requirements, we will provide relevant information about the helper. Payment of the subscription fee will be necessary after a 2-day paid trial period without any delay, as per the terms or indications on the platform.

3.3 Cancellations: Booking and subscription cancellations made before platform confirmation will not incur charges. Once a booking or subscription is confirmed, refunds for cancellations will be processed according to the refund and replacement policy outlined in clause 5 of these terms.

3.4 Replacement: In instances of helper unavailability or cancellation by a selected helper, we will offer replacements in accordance with the refund and replacement policy outlined in clause 5 of these terms.

3.5 To ensure uninterrupted access to the services provided by Hire Help, it is necessary for the customer to renew their subscription at least 15 days before it expires. In the event of failure to renew the subscription within the stipulated time, Hire Help reserves the right to cancel the subscription and discontinue its services without any delay.

4. Pricing Fees and Payment Terms

4.1 Hire Help retains the right to impose fees for various services offered, with the possibility of changes over time.

4.3 Helper’s salary refers to the full amount paid to the Helper for their services, remitted monthly at the end of each month, directly to the helper. Hire Help charges a booking fee at the time of placing a booking and a subscription fee after a 2-day paid trial period without any delay.

4.4 Hire Help accepts various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, net banking, wallets, or UPI. Please note that the modes of payment may be subject to modification by Hire Help.

4.5 The helper’s salary must be paid directly to the helper through any mode acceptable to the helper. Booking fees and subscription fees are to be paid to Hire Help through any of the online payment methods specified at the time of sale.

4.6 Hire Help may act as a partial intermediary for helpers, facilitating the collection and transfer of owed amounts to them.

4.7 The helper’s salary is tax-exempt, while taxes will be applied to booking fees and subscription fees.

4.8 Hire Help reserves the right to reasonably modify the helper’s salary, booking fees, and subscription fees at its discretion. These changes will not affect confirmed bookings made before the revised fees are officially published.

4.9 Payment Processors: We may use third-party payment processors for billing through your chosen payment method. Payments are subject to the terms of the Payment Processor in addition to these Terms. Hire Help is not responsible for Payment Processor errors, and unsuccessful payments will be credited in accordance with the payment processor’s terms.

4.10 None of your payment is specifically set aside as a tip or gratuity for the Helper. Any additional gratuities provided to helpers are voluntary, and Hire Help bears no responsibility for gratuities given to helpers.

4.11 The customer is required to increase the salary of the helper by a minimum of 10-15% of their current salary every year. This annual raise ensures that the helper’s compensation stays in line with inflation and acknowledges their contributions and loyalty to the job. It also shows the customer’s commitment to providing fair and competitive compensation for the helper’s services.

5. Refund and Replacement Policy

5.1 Helper replacement during the subscription period is offered under certain conditions. A set number of replacements are provided at no extra cost, depending on your subscription duration, as clearly outlined in your subscription details. However, transportation charges, if applicable, are specified below.

  • Gurgaon: ₹ 600 per Pick and Drop
  • Delhi: ₹ 1000 per Pick and Drop
  • Noida: ₹ 1000 per Pick and Drop
  • Faridabad: ₹ 1000 per Pick and Drop

5.2 Replacement requests must comply with the refund and replacement policy detailed in this clause and must be justified by a valid reason, such as if the helper has ceased working entirely, frequently takes leaves, or displays behavioral or skill-related issues. If the rationale for replacement is deemed unacceptable by Hire Help or is based on discriminatory biases regarding religion, caste, color, gender, etc., it will not be entertained, and services may be forfeited.

5.3 If a helper leaves their job for any reason, Hire Help will make every effort to arrange a replacement as soon as possible, with a target timeframe of 1-15 business days from the release date of the previous helper. The customer must settle payment for the days worked by the previous helper before assigning the new helper to the customer. However, the actual timeframe may vary depending on the availability of helpers.

5.4 The job descriptions for replacements must remain constant. If changed, it requires a new booking, with no refund for the original booking.

5.5 Hire Help, always strives to find a replacement within the previous helper’s pay bracket. However, we cannot guarantee that the new helper’s salary will be the same as the previous one. If the new helper’s salary is higher, the customer may have to pay a higher salary for the replacement, depending on the helper.

5.6 A refund of the booking fee is only applicable if a helper cannot be found within 7 business days. Otherwise, the booking fee is non-refundable.

5.7 If the customer either fails to show up or responds, after booking for a helper, the Rs. 999 booking fee is non-refundable. This policy ensures fairness for all parties involved as we allocate resources and time to arrange a helper.

5.8 A refund of subscription fees will be provided only if a replacement cannot be secured within 15 business days from the release date of the previous helper. This refund will be adjusted for the utilized subscription period. The remaining balance will be refunded within 45 business days.

5.9 No replacements or refunds will be offered in any circumstances, including instances of mistreatment of helpers, relocation, cancellations at your discretion, hiring through alternative sources during your subscription with Hire Help, and other similar situations.

6. User Content

6.1 To ensure quality control and effective service delivery, we may ask you to provide reviews about Helpers, and helpers may likewise offer feedback about you. Reviews should not contain knowingly false, inaccurate, or misleading information. They serve various purposes, including quality assessment and determining user suitability. We reserve the right to cancel, suspend, or terminate your subscription if we find, at our discretion, that you are not a suitable user.

6.2 By sharing User Content, you give us permission to use it under a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, transferable, sublicensable, and royalty-free license to use, publish, display, store, host, process, distribute, modify, adapt, translate, and create derivative works from the User Content. This license allows us to operate and promote the Services and may involve advertising the Services or presenting evidence before a court or competent authority.

6.3 You agree to relinquish any claims regarding moral rights or similar rights concerning the User Content, as specified in this clause.

6.4 Hire Help reserves the right to remove or restrict access to User Content without notice if it violates these Terms or is deemed inappropriate at our sole discretion.

7. Your Responsibilities

7.1 Accuracy of Information: You acknowledge that all information provided regarding the Services and Helper services must be accurate and truthful. It is your responsibility to promptly update any changes to this information during the term of these Terms. We shall not be held liable for any losses or damages arising from inaccurate or misleading information provided by you.

7.2 Cooperation in Legal Proceedings: You agree to cooperate with us in the event of any legal proceedings arising from a breach of your obligations under these Terms.

8. User Conduct

8.1 Discrimination against Helpers based on various characteristics is prohibited.

8.2 Helpers must be treated with courtesy and respect and a safe environment must be ensured for them to perform their duties. Helpers reserve the right to decline service if an appropriate environment is not provided.

9. Consent to Use Data

9.1 By accepting these Terms, you also consent to the collection and use of your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy, available at https://hirehelpz.com/privacy-policy. The Privacy Policy explains the types of personal data we collect, how we process it, and your rights regarding your data.

9.2 In addition to the consent provided in the Privacy Policy, you also agree to the sharing of your information with our affiliates and other third parties. We may use your information for purposes such as providing the Services, analytics, trend analysis, targeted marketing, and enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of the Services.

9.3 To comply with applicable laws, we may be required to disclose your data to law enforcement agencies or governmental entities for criminal or civil proceedings.

10. Third-Party Services

10.1 The platform may integrate Third-Party Services, such as links to products sold by third parties. These services are provided by the respective third parties, and your utilization of them is at your own risk.

10.2 We do not provide any representations or warranties concerning Third-Party Services, and we are not liable for them. Your interaction with Third-Party Services is subject to the terms and conditions set forth by the third parties.

11. User Content Representations

11.1 You assert that you have the necessary rights or permissions to provide User Content.

11.2 You are solely responsible for all activities conducted through your platform account and all user content you submit.

11.3 Your user content does not violate any obligations under other agreements.

11.4 Your user content does not infringe upon any intellectual property or proprietary rights of any person or entity.

11.5 Your user content is free from harmful components and complies with all legal and ethical standards.

11.6 Responsible Use of Services: You agree to use the services in accordance with these terms and refrain from unlawful or fraudulent activities. You also agree to provide a safe and respectful environment for helpers to perform their services.

11.7 Ensure the Safe and Respectful Treatment of Helpers: You commit to treating the helpers with courtesy and respect, providing a safe environment for them to fulfill their duties. Helpers retain the right to decline service if they perceive any threat to their safety or encounter disrespect.

11.8 Reporting: You agree to promptly report any disrespectful, abusive, or inappropriate behavior exhibited by helpers within 48 hours of the incident. Please report such incidents to info@hirehelpz.com.

12. Intellectual Property

12.1 The platform, services, and all associated content, features, and functionalities are the exclusive property of Hire Help and its licensors. The platform is protected by copyright, trademark, and other applicable laws.

12.2 You are not allowed to reproduce, distribute, modify, create derivative works, publicly display, perform, republish, download, store, or transmit any material on our platform, except as necessary for personal, non-commercial use.

12.3 Hire Help and its logo are trademarks of Workforce Connect India Private Limited. Other names, logos, and marks may be trademarks of their respective owners.

13. Termination

13.1 These terms are effective until properly concluded.

13.2 We reserve the right to limit, suspend, or conclude your service access:

13.3 Upon term violation or failure to meet usage standards;

13.4 Immediately for valid reasons or legal compliance.

13.5 You hold the discretion to terminate services by notifying us at info@hirehelpz.com.

13.6 Upon conclusion, your account deactivates, and service access ceases.

13.7 Engagement with our services and Helper services carries inherent risk, absolving us from resulting liabilities.

13.8 We repudiate liability for loss or damage arising from our services or Helper services.

14. Indemnification

14.1 You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from claims, losses, liabilities, damages, costs, and expenses stemming from service usage or breaches by third-party account access.

15. Customer Support

15.1 For complaints or queries, our Grievance Redressal Officer is at your service.

16. Adaptation & Notification

16.1 Subject to modification, with amendments effective upon posting.

16.2 We retain the right to modify or discontinue services as needed.

16.3 Unenforceable provisions do not void the terms.

16.4 Your rights require our consent for transfer, while we reserve the liberty to assign ours.

16.5 Direct correspondence to info@hirehelpz.com.

16.6 These terms do not confer rights to third parties.

16.7 We’re not liable for events beyond our control.

17. Jurisdiction, Laws, and Resolution

17.1 Governed by Indian laws, disputes fall under Gurugram, Haryana court jurisdiction.

17.2 Disputes shall undergo arbitration in Gurugram, Haryana under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996.

 18. Disclaimers & Assurances

18.1 Our services come with no warranties, disclaiming alignment with individual needs.

18.2 Despite our effort for precise Helper service info, we disclaim assurance on quality, reliability, or accuracy. We’re not liable for Helper service outcomes, performance, or consequential damages.

Thank you for reviewing and adhering to these terms to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience with Hire Help. Your understanding and compliance with these terms are vital for a positive journey.

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